Monday, 20 November 2017

Weight Loss supplements With Fibre select and African Mango

According to promoters of weight loss supplements, Fibre Select both lowers cholesterol and increases “fat-burning” metabolism. Neither of these claims has withstood scientific study comparing the substance with a placebo (dummy – or non weight loss pill).

Fibre Select is a synthetic form of chromium, an essential trace mineral abundantly available in most foods. Chromium plays a role in fat metabolism, but no one needs extra amounts by way of weight loss supplementsExcess chromium picolinate can cause flushing, nervousness, and palpitations. It can also cause iron deficiency.Ephedra is a herbal extract also called Ma huang. It may be a “natural” substance, but its active ingredients, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, are chemicals that have a strong effect on the body.

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They suppress appetite by stimulating both the nervous system and the thyroid gland. They also cause your air passages to widen, which is why ephedra is promoted as a “natural” decongestant. Among the side effects of ephedra are numbness in the hands and feet due to constriction of blood vessels, elevation of blood pressure, nervousness, and palpitations.

But the problems with ephedra and other thyroid stimulators and similar weight loss supplements go beyond their side effects. If you have a healthy thyroid, it doesn’t need stimulating. If you have an under active thyroid, you should see a doctor. It’s as simple as that.Also, don’t be swayed by claims that these weight loss products is “natural” or “herbal”.

Regardless of its source or how it is made, once a substance has been metabolized by the body, it acts like the chemical it is.“Natural” herbs and medicines are no safer than those made by pharmaceutical companies, and in many cases then are less safe.If you are buying weight loss supplements, always read labels carefully and avoid all weight loss products that contain chromium picolinate or ephedra.

Stuck In Your Comfort Zone? Challenge Yourself

I like staying in my comfort zone because it’s so nice there. I get up, I put on my workout clothes and I do a workout I’ve probably done a hundred times before. If it’s Monday, I run. If it’s Tuesday, I do kickboxing. If it’s Wednesday, I…snore. Routines and habits are good, but the comfort zone can eventually become a rut if you don’t shake things up from time to time.
This week, challenge yourself with something new and different. Do something that pushes the boundaries a little, whether it’s working harder or, for some, backing off and doing something easy.

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Challenge Yourself

Change Your Workout Schedule – Throw the usual schedule on it’s ear and, for just one week, do something you would normally never do. If you do cardio 5 days a week and strength training 3 days a week, flip them and do cardio 3 days and strength training for 5 days (with different muscle groups, of course). Throw out all your cardio and strength workouts and do yoga for an entire week or do only and see how hard you can work using just your own body’s resistance. Work at a Different Intensity – If you usually work at a steady, lower intensity, try like this . If you do high intensity workouts, try working at a slow, comfortable pace for some of your workouts. Or try a pyramid approach: Start your week with a hard cardio workout and make each subsequent workout a little easier. Trade Workouts With a Friend – If you know someone who works out regularly, trade workouts with them for one week. This can actually be fun, pushing you to try activities and workouts you’ve never done before. Try the . If you’re looking to shake things up even more, this e-course offers both physical and mental challenges for the next 30 days.
What other ways could you challenge yourself? Think about it and make a plan. Shake things up and do something different. You may just find a whole new way to exercise.